Rochford Street Review Supporting Subscriptions

As we close off Issue 5 of Rochford Street Review it is perhaps time to consider making a donation to keeping Rochford Street Review afloat through a Rochford Street Review Supporting Subscription.

Rochford Street Review is an independent on-line literary and cultural journal. It receives no funding from any government or corporate sponsors and relies on the support of its readers to stay afloat. In the long term we would like to be in a position to pay reviewers as we think it is important that writers receive payment for their work whenever possible. In the short term, however, we are simply aiming to keep our heads above water and ensure Rochford Street review can continue into a second year.

You can help us meet our short term aims and maybe even start us thinking about the long term by clicking on the ‘donate’ button below and make a contribution of any amount to the future of Rochford Street Review

You can donate using PayPal or by using a credit card. Let us know if you receive a receipt.

Rochford Street Review thanks you for your support.

And watch out for issue 6!

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