Living Life in the Rhythm Section: Nathan Hondros reviews ‘One Hour Seeds Another’ by Andrew Burke

One Hour Seeds Another by Andrew Burke Walleah Press 2014 One Hour Seeds Another, Andrew Burke’s twelfth collection of poetry, is an important book and demands your attention. This is primarily, of course, because of the quality of the work, which … Continue reading

A Disconcerting Bravery: Andy Jackson launches ‘One Hour Seeds Another’ by Andrew Burke

One Hour Seeds Another by Andrew Burke. Walleah Press, 2014. One Hour Seeds Another was launched in Melbourne at Collected Works Bookshop on 19th July 2014 by Andy Jackson. When Andrew Burke asked me to launch his new book today, … Continue reading

A Wonderful Cross-Woven Web of Sensory Delights: Andrew Burke reviews ‘Scavenger’s Season’ by Christopher (Kit) Kelen

Scavenger’s Season by Christopher (Kit) Kelen, Puncher & Wattman 2014 “Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” – Thoreau Walden As the publisher says, … Continue reading

A Place Where You Can Bring Things Together: Andrew Burke reviews ‘Open House’ by David Brooks

Open House by David Brooks, UQP 2015. There are many themes in David Brooks new book Open House, many values of love, many heart felt convictions, many parables and narratives. The collection’s cohesion is the poet’s voice, borne out of colloquial … Continue reading

Book Notes

These books have been received from publishers as review copies. If you are interested in reviewing any of these titles for Rochford Street Review please email us If you are interested in reviewing a title that is not on … Continue reading

Index of Reviews by Issue

Issue 1. November/ December 2011 Comments on Mike Ladd’s review of Australian Poetry Since 1788, edited by Geoffrey Lehmann and Robert Gray, UNSW Press, in The Sydney Morning Herald ‘Spectrum’ November 12-13 2011. by Mark Roberts Kris Hemensley on Pete Spence’s … Continue reading

The Doing is the Discovery and the Discovery is the Making: Sheila Murphy talks to Mark Roberts

Sheila Murphy has been Rochford Street Review’s first feature artist and her work has been highlighted throughout Issue 13. A brief biographical note accompanies her final work in the issue ‘Motion Juncture’ Over the last few weeks Sheila has responded … Continue reading

A Curious & Casual Blend of Metaphors: Nathan Hondros Reviews ‘Nightswim’ by Justin Lowe

Nightswim by Justin Lowe Bluepepper 2014 According to the brief biography at the beginning of Justin Lowe’s new collection Nightswim, the poet’s origins are part inner-city Sydney and part European. This isn’t notable in itself, even considering Lowe’s childhood spent … Continue reading