Video poem ‘No Words’, poem by Margaret Clifford, film by Lori H. Ersolmaz

Filmpoem:  No Words, poem by Margaret Clifford, film by  Lori H. Ersolmaz. Margaret Clifford’s poem was included in From the Ashes, a poetry collection in support of the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfire relief effort, edited by CS Hughes, Maximum Felix Media 2020. This filmpoem is part of the Good Natured project.

Good Natured is a USA based public engagement art project which addresses climate and environment dialogue using large scale multi-media effects; photography, graphic design and audio-video through 2-and-3-D projection mapping. The project will also include museum quality “pop-up” audio-visual installations and performances in empty retail spaces.

Margaret Clifford is a Brisbane poet who began writing after her retirement from full time work as an educator. She has published two collections, Stitched Pages in 2016 and Layers of Life in 2019. Many of her poems are used as reflections in  rituals and community gatherings and have been published in local journals and

Lori H. Ersolmaz is an award winning visual storyteller, multimedia content producer and media outreach professional. Lori has diverse experience working with corporations, nonprofit organizations and policy think-tanks on marketing, communication design and new media initiatives. She is also an Adjunct Professor. Lori is an active social justice, education, health, environment and media reform advocate Additionally, Lori’s poetic films screen Internationally.  Lori can be found at Lori H. Ersolmaz

“It was sometime in the late fall when the bushfires were at their peak. I was heartbroken about the loss of so many animals and the sheer pain and panic to live near fire and smell smoke weighed heavy on my mind. I had the good fortune to visit Australia and the Blue Mountains on a tour in 2011 and I fell in love with the koalas and other animals native to Australia. 2 million animals lost. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Sometime at the end of 2019 I read about From the Ashes on Facebook. I stored the information away and watched for further updates on a publish date. Sometime in February I was able to purchase the book  and received it later in the month. I felt at the very least the proceeds of my purchase went to relief efforts and I also hope my creative expression will create further awareness”.  – Lori H. Ersolmaz

From the Ashes is available from


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