About Rochford Street Review

Rochford Street Review is an on-line journal reviewing new Australian writing and culture – with an emphasis on poetry, prose/fiction and small press publications. While Rochford Street Review is a quarterly publication, reviews will be uploaded to the site as they are received. We will also attempt to cover as many publications (both traditional and on-line) as we can.

If you are a publisher, film maker, artist, gallery owner or drama company, no matter how small, we would appreciate being added to your mailing list and/or receiving a review copies or notices of upcoming productions or shows. You can email us at rrochfordstreetpress@gmail.com.  Our mailing address is:

Rochford Street Review
PO Box 5399
West Chatswood NSW 1515

We are also looking for reviewers – wherever possible we attempt to provide at least a token payment to our contributors but this depends on the level of donations we receive. If you are interested in reviewing for us please email us in the first instance and, if you are interested in reviewing books make sure to check out the books we currently have available to review at our Books Received page.

Rochford Street Review is edited by Mark Roberts and Linda Adair.

You may also be interested in Mark’s  website http://printedshadows.wordpress.com – a collection of his reviews, articles and interviews over the past 30 years.

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Rochford Street Review is published by Rochford Street Press. During the 1980’s Rochford Street Press published five issues of P76 literary magazine together with books by Les Wicks, Dipti Saravanamuttu and Mark Roberts. See http://rochfordstreetpress.wordpress.com/

Please note –  the views published in Rochford Street Review reflect the views of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors.

Copyright for each review remains with the reviewer. Rochford Street Review retains Copyright over the collection.
Rochford Street Review relies on donations to cover costs. Any funds left over are used to pay reviewers.