Rochford Press

Rochford Street Press was set up in the late 1980s to publish P76 magazine. In all it published 5 issues of P76, which was one of the leading independent Australian Literary magazines of the late 1980′s. It also published 4 books:

  • Les Wicks (Cannibals … Humans Have Soft Centres)
  • Dipti Saravanamuttu (Statistic for the New World),
  • Rob Finlayson (Songs Ov Th City Ov Desire and Fear)
  • Mark Roberts (Stepping Out of Line).

Rochford  Press emerged from a long slumber in late 2011 and established the on-line review site Rochford Street Review.

Rochford  Press restarted its publishing program in 2012 by publishing two new titles:

  • The Selected Your Friendly Fascist edited by Rae Desmond Jones
  • P76 Issue 6 (The Lost Issue)

The new titles – plus a number of the older titles – are available for purchase through the Rochford Press On-Line Bookshop  :

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