Support Rochhford Street Review: Donate!

November sees the domain registration for the Rochford Street Review domain become due and, while we try to keep costs at a minimum, it costs between $40 & $50 a month to keep RSR running (mainly postage, printing and purchasing titles for review that we can’t arrange review copies of).

In the medium term we would like to be able to pay our reviewers for their work and we are looking at a number of possible solutions – including crowd funding. But right now we would like to ask your assistance in keeping our heads above water! If you are able we would like you to consider making a donation to help cover our ongoing costs (for example $13 would cover our domain registration for the next 12 months).

So if you think what we are doing is worth supporting click on the link and donate!
You can donate using PayPal or by using a credit card. Let us know if you require a receipt.

Rochford Street Review thanks you for your support.

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