Announcing P76 Issue 7 – Special Cornelis Vleeskens Issue

p76 issue 7 coverSometime in the early 1990s someone described P76 as an “occasional” journal of writing and creative arts and, as Issue 7 stumbles towards a photocopier to be printed, I suppose that 7 issues in 31 years could definitely be described as ‘occasional’. Over the years, however, P76 has published a wide variety of work – some of it by established writers, or writers who went onto become established and some by writers and artists who should have become much better known.

This is the first time, however, that P76 has published a ‘special issue’. P76 Issue 7 is a special issue devoted to Cornelis Vleeskens and has been guest edited by Pete Spence. The issue contains a selection of published and unpublished work by Vleeskens and includes poetry, visual poetry and artwork. Jenni Mitchell  and Scott Bugbird write of their memories of Vleeskens while Mark Roberts revisits some of his major collections of poetry.

P76 Issue 7 will be available from 26 March but you can order your copy now.

P76 Issue 7 within Aust $15

cartP76 Issue 7 International Aust$29

P76 Issues 5 and 6, along with other Rochford Street Press titles are available from



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