We are back from the depths of an “unscheduled internet outage”- or at least we hope we are.

Three weeks ago we received a personally addressed letter from Telstra in our mail box telling us that “broadband in your area has been updated” and that we could expect “faster speeds and more reliable service”. Almost immediately our internet service went down. It came up again briefly after about 8 hours before crashing again. A series of outages stretching ffrom a few hours to almost 24 hours then occurred until last thursday when the internet dropped out for almost 6 dyas. As of this morning it is working and we are keeping our fingers crossed……

During most of this period we have had to rely on mobile phone coverage and, as a result, it has not beeen possible to keep Rochford Street Review updated. With a little luck our service will remain up long enough for us to start catching up.

Thank you for your patience!

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