Rochford Street Review Fundraising Festival Day 3– Buy ‘Before Bone and Viscera’ by Robbie Coburn

Thanks to everyone who donated to Rochford Street Review over the past few days. Despite all your help we are still about $30 short of covering our January costs (which include all our Word Press subscription fees and our domain registration). So to try and cover this gap we will be reminding you of some of he Rochford Street Press titles that are currently available. By purchasing any of the titles showcased over the next few days you will be helping Rochford Street Review, the Rochford Street Press Chapbook program and, for the chapbooks, the writers themselves.


Following The Selected Your Friendly Fascist and  Statistic for the New World by Dipti Saravanamuttu. We have Before Bone and Viscera by Robbie Coburn – the second Rochford Street Press Chapbook published in 2014. AS the costs of this book has been covered any sales profits will be split 50/50 between Robbie and the Rochford Street Press Chapbook project.

Robbie Coburn was born in June 1994 in Melbourne and lives in the rural district of Woodstock, Victoria. His first book-length collection of poetry Rain Season (Picaro Press) was published in 2013 and he is well into a second book titled the other flesh. Before Bone and Viscera is his eagerly awaited second chapbook.

“Coburn’s new book disturbs & enriches. There is a grace as it sculpts language & meaning… a flensing poignancy underlines these superb poems. This is not an easy book… its ruthless eviscerated clarity & honesty scar the eye.” – Les Wicks

“Before Bone and Viscera lifts the voice of Australian poetry into new territory. Robbie Coburn tears away all you think you know to reveal these poems; naked in their lyrical and surreal simplicity they unearth the anatomy and geography of poetic imagination. To read these poems is to get your hands into the blood and guts of life itself.” – Nathan Hondros

“An intense, at times disturbing, emotional journey employing a surreal, fetishist use of the human body reminiscent of the painter, Francis Bacon.” S.K. Kelen


cartWithin Australia $7.50


International  $12