Featured Writer Márcio-André de Sousa Haz: Biographical Note

Márcio-André de Sousa Haz Photo by Mania Karimianpour enchanced 3
Márcio-André de Sousa Haz. photograph by Mania Karimianpour


Márcio-André de Sousa Haz was born in 1978 in Rio de Janeiro. He is a multimedia artist whose work includes poetry, essay, performance, digital art, and cinema. His poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages. He is the publisher and co-founder of Confraria do Vento through which he has published Intradoxos (Intradoxes, 2007), Ensaios radioativos (Radioactive Essays, 2008), Poemas apócrifos de Paul Valéry (Apocryphal Poems by Paul Valéry, 2014), and the novel, Leonardo contra Paris (Leonardo against Paris, 2016). Ensaios radioativos was adapted to to the stage by Symone Strobel in 2017. In 2015, Poemas apócrifos de Paul Valéry was nominated for the prestigious, Brazilian, Jabuti Prize and the Oceanos Prize. Márcio-André was awarded a scholarship from the Brazilian National Library Foundation in 2008 for his the book of essays, Poetica das casas (Poetic of the houses). In 2007, he performed a suicide-performance entitled, Conference Poetic-Radioactive of Pripyat, in Chernobyl during which he read his poems for six hours amongst the ruins, risking contamination by cesium 137 and strontium 90. He has performed his experimental, multimedia poetry in several cities around the world and has directed short films, including, Artaud in Compostela, Man in the crowd, El concepto de ironía, and Cozy for two at Kuleshov Str.
website: http://www.marcioandre.com/marcioandre.htm

Featured Writer Márcio-André de Sousa Haz: ‘Obrigado, Senhor’ (‘Thank you Lord’)


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