Featured Writer Barbara Pogačnik: Biographical Note

Barbara Pogačnik photograph by Ivan Dobnik
Barbara Pogačnik. photograph by Ivan Dobnik


Barbara Pogačnik is a Slovenian poet, translator and literary critic who graduated from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and completed her MA at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has published four books of poetry: Poplave (Inundations, 2007), V množici izgubljeni papir (Sheets of Paper Lost in the Crowd, 2008), Modrina hiše / The Blue of the House (2013) and Alica v deželi plaščev (Alice in the Land of Coats, 2016). Her first volume of poetry, Poplave (Mladinska knjiga, 2007), was nominated for the Best First Book Award and the Jenko Prize. Her poetry has been translated into twenty-eight languages with books of her selected poems translated into Romanian, French and Spanish. She has participated in more than fifty different festivals in at least twenty countries and has been a writer in residence at multiple international organizations in various countries. She has translated more than one hundred and fifty authors from French, English, Italian and Serbo-Croatian into Slovenian and from Slovenian into French.

Featured Writer Barbara Pogačnik: ‘Ure, vzplule iz kleti’ (‘Hours, Sallied Forth from the Cellar’)



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