Rochford Street Review Supports a Change of Government

The day before an election, as regular as clockwork, the major media outlets release their editorial endorsements. In 99% percent of cases the mainstream media line up behind the Liberal/National coalition. I expect the same will happen today. But why should they get all the attention?

The Arts, as usual, have been largely overlooked in this election – indeed it has been over 20 years since the Liberals have even presented an Arts policy to the electorate. The ALP and The Greens, on the other hand, have pitched an Arts policy as part of their campaign and both parties should be commended for this. In reality, however, at this election the only alternative to three more years of Liberal attacks and neglect of the Arts is the election of a Labor government. Their Arts policy supports returning the funding that the Liberals have ripped from the Australia Council and a focus on refunding the smaller arts organisations – such as small press publishers. These organisations have had much of their funding redirected to the ‘flagship’ companies over the last six years. Rochford Street Review therefore is supporting the election of a Labor government on Saturday. Please consider either voting for the ALP candidate in your electorate and the ALP in the senate, or voting for The Greens or progressive Independent candidate and ensuring your second preference goes to Labor.


Authorised by Mark Roberts, co-editor Rochford Street Review. PO Box 7008 Leura NSW 2780