‘Semi-Automatic Pantoum’ a video poem by Matt Mullins, in collaboration with the Poetic Justice League of Chicago

Semi-Automatic Pantoum is a collaboration between Matt Mullins and the Poetic Justice League of Chicago. The piece addresses the absurd tragedy of America’s political gridlock over implementing common sense gun legislation that will save lives while keeping a citizen’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms intact. 

Matt Mullins writes screenplays, fiction, and poetry, and makes videopoems and digital/interactive literature. His work has been screened at conferences and film festivals in the U.S.A and abroad including Zebra, Video Bardo, Visible Verse, FilmPoem, Ó Bhéal, Liberated Words, Co-Kisser and The Body Electric. His fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of print and online literary journals such as Mid American Review, Pleiades, Hunger Mountain, Descant, and Hobart. His debut collection of short stories, Three Ways of the Saw, was published by Atticus Books in 2012 and was named a finalist for Foreword Reviews Book of the Year. You can find more of Matt’s videopoetry at https://vimeo.com/mattmullins

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