Smokey Christmas Greetings from Rochford Street Review

For the past 8 weeks we have watched the Gosper Mountain fire inch closer to Rochford Review HQ. It is now a few Kilometres away and the amazing Rural Fire Service volunteers are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day creating a huge containment line around the towns and villages along the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains. We are in awe of the dedication and bravery of the women and men who are out there protecting us. We can’t thank you enough.

Due to these fires Rochford Street Review and Rochford Press have been a little distracted. Payment for writers, reviewers and artists in Issue 27 has been delayed and replies to emails have also been impacted. We hope to get back on top of things in the new year or when it rains for about 5 days straight.

Despite this we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers, contributors and supporters for your continued support during 2109 and wish you all the very best for Christmas, the New Year and may 2020 be creative and fire free.

– Linda Adair and Mark Roberts