Philip Davison: 4 haiku

Summer breeze and winter storm
pull at all lose threads
down through the centuries


Voices carry in stillness
shout and silence
equal in the snow field


The wild Atlantic wind cliffs
turn the waterfalls
of Iceland skyward


The squirrel forgets
an oak grows from the acorn
we are all planters


Philip Davison has published nine novels, including The Book-Thief’s Heartbeat (Co-Op), McKenzie’s Friend (Cape), The Long Suit (Cape), Eureka Dunes (Liberties Press), and Quiet City (Liberties Press). He writes radio drama. His stage play, The Invisible Mending Company, was performed at the Abbey Theatre. He has co-wrote Learning Gravity (BBC Storyville), a documentary film on poet and undertaker, Thomas Lynch. He is a member of Aosdána. Philip can be found at


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