Thank you for your support in 2020

Keeping Rochford Street Review running through 2020 has been a challenge but we made it – just. As we continue to load Issue 30 we can look back on 9 years of achievements:

  • over 1,000 reviews, launch speeches and creative work.
  • almost 250,000 visits from around the world
  • highlighting poetry, creative writing and artwork from Australia and around the world

Despite this, however, there has been a distinct lack of support from funding organisations and institutions and the Review has been kept alive by the generosity of a small number of people who either voluntarily ‘purchase’ a issue or who have taken out a supporting subscription. We would therefore like to acknowledge the following who have supported us during 2020/

  • Linda Adair
  • Mark Roberts  
  • Willem Tibben
  • Janette Dadd
  • Robyn Rowland
  • Adam Aitken
  • Entirely Beautiful Books
  • Adam Stokell
  • Ian Gibbins
  • Michael Witts
  • Anna Couani
  • John Jenkins
  • Maeve Reilly
  • Anonymous
  • Malcolm St Hill
  • Wendy Davis
  • Karen May
  • Helen Hagemann
  • John Bartlett
  • Nathanael O’Reilly
  • 21st Century Renaissance
  • Sylvia Martin

Our apologies if we have left any one out.

The support of these people and organisations have been critical in keeping Rochford Street Review active this year. Their support, however, has not been sufficient to keep our head above water as we enter 2021. We have a number of major bills for web hosting our three sites (Rochford Street Review, Rochord Press and a test site), our domain registration and email accounts falling due within the next two weeks and we find ourselves $450 short of covering our basic costs for the next twelve months. 

To this end we will be launching a one off appeal in the next few days to raise the $450 we need to continue into 2021. We need to reach this target by 15 January. In the meantime, however, you can assist the Review to stay on line by either making a one off donation or signing up for a supporting subscription and making a monthly contribution.

To make a one off donation click on the button below and enter the amount you wish to donate.


To set up a monthly recurring subscription click on one of the following buttons below

btn_subscribeCC_LG$5 Monthly Recurring Subscription.


btn_subscribeCC_LG$10 Monthly Recurring Subscription


btn_subscribeCC_LG$15 Monthly Recurring Subscription


btn_subscribeCC_LG$20 Monthly Recurring Subscription


We will continue loading Issue 30 over the coming days while we launch our fund raising campaign and updating our totals. 

Of course you can also assist us by buying a book through the Rochford Cottage Bookshop

Any assistance you can offer will be appreciated.