Mark Young: Four Poems

A line from Joseph R Biden Jr.

The kinetic typography animation
machine I have brought with me to-
day is for the purpose of highlighting
the almost surrealist story of a man

whose sole rationale for seeking high
office was that he could then com-
mand the installation of a button
on his desk, to save him having to

tweet that another Diet Coke should
be brought into the room. Where is
the majesty in that? My machine will
translate this & other pointless acts &

reshape them as an architecture of ridi-
cule, to be toured through country fairs
for the next several years. Something
to remind us that we don’t need a but-

ton to reinforce the fact that we’re all
paying the price for letting the kingdom
be taken over by a bunch of mercenaries
& turned into a cash cow for the few.


A line from Foo Fighters

I know there are failsafe outfits in
Walt Whitman’s closet you can al-
ways rely on. Last time, a cosy knit
over classic skinnies, with a pair of

killer heels to add some more
panache. Have to hunt for them
though. Nothing to find out here
in the wider house; but there’s a

secret space, hidden behind frog
noise, & paeans to passed presi-
dents. Needs an access code. Used
to be Captain. Then lilacs. Now?


A line from Sara Paretsky (2)

The ability to digest lactose
is a critical building block
of human nature. It’s also a
lightbulb moment for my

pattern making career. I’ve
spent a lot of money making
buildings accessible. Now
some negative press has

singled out different genes
that produce only for their
own immediate needs &
mine are amongst them.

My brand takes a hit, profits
plummet. I struggle for a bit
of cohesion, enough energy to
create successful patterns for

adaptation. The factors that
can rehabilitate your image
will sometimes prioritize the
plant, sometimes the gardener.


A line from John Maynard Keynes

It was supposed to be a day of
celebration. She was sent to her
room instead. Around 1500 aircraft
took part. “They’ve socially trans-

itioned kids as young as three,” the
4-slot Cat Combo said, pointing
with a tea spoon at the March Hare.
“It may be grammatically correct

but it still doesn’t compensate for
the fact that her Australian boy-
friend’s bizarre shower habits have
left her very confused. She looked so

upset.” Every day is a battle. This one
lasted until dusk. Nothing mattered
except states of mind, & a gender re-
veal party that went terribly wrong.

…….. ———————–

mark-young-in-melbourne-3-smallMark Young was born in New Zealand, & currently lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia, but his books have been published across the world, from Scandinavia to the U.S.A. He has been publishing poetry for over sixty years, & is the author of around sixty books, primarily text poetry but also including speculative fiction, vispo, creative non-fiction, & art history.

Recent visual &/or text work has appeared or is to appear in Word For/Word, Die Leere Mitte, Home Planet News Online, SurVision, Marsh Hawk Review, Hamilton Stone Review,, & BlazeVOX, among other places. New books scheduled for imminent publication are from 1750 words, from SOd Press; sorties, from Sandy Press; & The Toast, from Luna Bisonte Prods.


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