Rochford Street Review needs your help!

Last  year we conducted our first every Rochford Street Review stay alive appeal. This year we are going to have to conduct our second appeal.

2021 has been a difficult year for many of us – lockdowns, uncertainty, lack of opportunity for writers to read in public, to launch and sell their books face to face… it all adds up. For Rochford Street Review we have continued to survive on a shoe string with the support of a handful of supporters over the last twelve months who have signed up to our supporting subscriptions, or who have made a one off donation or who have opted to optionally buy a copy of the journal on line.

Coming up to the end of the year however we have a raft of large bills to pay if we are to commit to being around for another twelve months. These bills include domain registration and hosting for our websites (including our development/test site) along with the increasing cost of storage – we are now loading the 33 issue of the journal, we have have published well over 1,000 reviews, articles and creative work which increasingly include audio and video). To keep our heads above water therefore we need to raise a minimum of $400 by the end of 2021 and a further $150 by the end of January 2022. While it would be nice if some of the arts funding bodies were able to help us out they have shown no inclination to do so to date so we have to fall back on the resources of our readers.

There are a number of ways you can help to keep the virtual presses rolling into 2022:


This is the most immediate and effective way to help us survive. Simply click on the link below and donate whatever you can afford. It will be greatly appreciated.

Take out a Supporting Subscription

By taking out a supporting subscription you can contribute a small amount each month to help keep us running throughout the year.

btn_subscribeCC_LG$5 Monthly Recurring Subscription.


btn_subscribeCC_LG$10 Monthly Recurring Subscription


btn_subscribeCC_LG$15 Monthly Recurring Subscription


btn_subscribeCC_LG$20 Monthly Recurring Subscription


Buy a Poetry or Small Press Book from the Rochford Cottage Bookshop

We set up Rochford Cottage Bookshop as a pop-up poetry and small press bookshop to take around markets and writing events in the Blue Mountains, unfortunately with lock-downs and the associated uncertainty associated with the pandemic there have been limited opportunities for physical pop-up bookshops over the last twelve months. As a result we have had to pivot to a mainly on-line presence (with a hope we can get back to the markets in early 2022). Once we have covered costs and paid publishers for new books, any extra money will go to supporting Rochford Press and Rochford Street Review. If you are looking for a new or second hand poetry or small press title have a look at our current selection. Purchasing through Rochford Cottage Bookshop assists authors, l small press publishers and Rochford Street Review. Click on the link below to start browsing.