Write for Rochford Street Review

We are always looking for people to review for us – books, films, drama, visual arts whatever. Right now we have a long list of books that are available for review.

You can find a complete list (as of 19 November 2012) at:

Since the beginning of October we have also been providing a little more information about each title which we receive in our ‘Book Notes section:

If you are interested in any of these titles let us know. Alternatively if you would like to have a go at a title not on this list drop us an email and, if it isn’t already out for review, we can see if we can track down a copy for you.

Also we are always keen to hear proposals for film, drama and visual arts reviews/articles/interviews. Let us know your idea and we’ll see what we can do.

We are interested in both established and first time reviewers.  Just because you haven’t published or written a review before is no reason why you can’t start now!

Please be aware that we are currently not in a position to be able to pay reviewers. You will be doing it for the glory alone. (Meanwhile – anyone with some spare cash who would like to encourage Australian literary and cultural criticism by helping us pay contributors….please get in touch!)

Rochord Street Review’s email address is rochfordstpress@optusnet.com.au and our mailing address is:

Rochford Street Review
PO Box 5399
West Chatswood NSW 1515

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