The very first Rochford Street Review/Press Competition!

The very first Rochford Street Review/Press Competition!

There has been some discussion recently about whether a poet should submit and be prepared to publish their work in a right wing journal such as Quadrant, which is edited by Keith Windschuttle and then turn around and submit it to a progressive journal such as Overland. Is this fence sitting or canyon squatting?

To add a little interest to this discussion Rochford Street Press/Rochford Street Review is having a little competition. We have come across the following list of acknowledgements from a book of poetry published in Australia over the past 33 years. All you need to do is to identify the book to win.

The winner will receive a selection of titles from Rochford Street Press which will include ‘The Selected Your Friendly Fascist’, P76 Issue 5 (very rare), P76 Issue 6 and the forthcoming Special Cornelis Vleeskens Issue 7 (due out next month).

To enter go to our Facebook Page ( and enter your suggestion as a comment to the competition story. Good luck!


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