Rochford Street Review passes 60,000 hits

Rochford Street PressRochford Street Review has just passed 60,000 hits. Given that the first articles were posted on 2 December 2011 this represents an average of over 20,000 hits per year, which is a pretty good effort for a small independent online publishing venture with no funding source aside from donations and which is effectively run in my ‘spare’ time.

So what is next for  Rochford Street Review? The effort involved in keeping the Review going is increasing all the time so I am looking at ways of bringing in more people to help with the load of chasing down articles, book launches and reviews as well as helping with the editing, mark-ups and publishing. I also want to expand beyond being a mainly literary review to a more broader cultural journal which includes the visual arts, drama, film, dance and performance. I would also like to include more international content in an attempt to start some dialogues between creative artists and provide a level of awareness of what is happening internationally at the cultural grass-roots.

On another positive front we have received a couple of generous donations over the last few weeks which has meant we have been able to cover our costs and have a little left over. This means that for the immediate future we will be able to pay a token fee for reviews and articles of Aust$5. It is not much but it is a start and it will only be for a limited time unless the donations continue – but more of that later.

There will be more on our plans shortly, but if you are interested in helping out, or if you have contacts that you think would be useful let us know – or tell your contacts about us.

Meanwhile here at Rochford Street Review Corporate HQ we are kicking back and planning issue 13!

– Mark Roberts


Rochford Street Review relies on the support of its readers to continue. If you like what we are doing please consider making a donation.

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