Two of a Kind: Mishko Desovski Reviews One & One, exhibition of artworks by Denis Mizzi and Irene Schell

One & One, an exhibition of artworks by Denis Mizzi and Irene Schell 7-11 October 2015, The Shop Gallery, 112 Glebe Point Road Glebe.

Denis Mizzi at the Shop Gallery, Glebe
Denis Mizzi at the Shop Gallery, Glebe

The Shop Gallery in Glebe is not exclusive, is not pushing a particular line, it’s open to anyone who wants to rent it. They’re as happy with a video installation as they are with conventional painting. One artist next year will have a show of millinery, one group this year will have a show of animé and manga art. They’re open, but have a criteria that works should not be racist or homophobic. The current exhibition of works by Denis Mizzi and Irene Schell is mostly of abstract paintings but are produced using a wide variety of techniques from digital prints to pigmented ink on canvas.

Irene Schell - At the gallery Shop, Geleb
Irene Schell – At the gallery Shop, Glebe

One & One is a very interesting and visually stimulating exhibition in a number of different ways. Both artists in fact deal with color primarily, but they also think conceptually. In the Shop’s front room, Denis Mizzi’s works are as grey as they could possibly be, but his greys and blacks work as intense colour too. He is well known amongst friends as a conceptual thinker. Those who know Mizzi, are familiar with the artist books that he has been producing for decades. There is a kind of conceptual nihilism in his work, and within that frame he is most creative visually, and his work reduces to a kind of minimalism.

 Denis Mizzi at The Shop Gallery Glelbe
Denis Mizzi

Irene Schell’s work occupies the 2nd room of the gallery and, whilst most of her works are abstract, her approach is wildly different from Mizzi’s work. It is very colourful and has an almost innocent excitement. But as soon as you move through the gallery and look at her work a little bit longer, very quickly you realize that Irene is a wise and sensitive artist. Her wisdom is reflected in her abstract composition and the sensitiveness of her treatment of color and tonality, the mark of a mature artist.
It was a visual pleasure to see these two artists of different kinds.

Irene Schell
Irene Schell

 – Mishko Desovski


Mishko Desovski has taught Visual Art in Malaysia and other countries and was the editor of the Sydney art magazine Wogart in the early 2000’s.

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