Rochford Street Review Needs Your Support in 2017.

thankyoutypewriter - Edited

As we enter 2017 Rochford Street Review urgently needs your help. Over the past five years we have published over 550 reviews and articles on Australian books, visual arts, film and music and we have had over 132,000 page views. Although we receive no government or other institutional support we attempt to offer all our reviewers at least a token payment.

But to keep going for another 12 months we need your support. January is the month when many of our bills fall due. The total is almost $200 in domain registration fees and various Word Press subscriptions we need to maintain the site. We also want to be able to continue to offer at least a token payment to our valuable reviewers (and we aim to try to increase this amount) and ensure the site remains free to access.

If you can please consider making either a one-off donation or becoming a supporting subscriber and make a small donation each month.

In the current anti-art/ anti-culture environment it is vital that independent journals like Rochford Street Review continue to survive and to question the status quo. We can only do this with your help.

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Rochford Street Review would also like to thank the following people and organisations who have supported us over the last twelve months:

  • Ian Gibbins
  • Janette Dadd
  • Robyn Rowland
  • Entirely Beautiful Books
  • Jim Walton
  • Linda Godfrey
  • Michele Seminara
  • Anna Couani
  • Sarah St Vincent Welch
  • Annette Marfording
  • Helen Nickas
  • Georgina Woods
  • Grant Caldwell
  • Richard Tipping

There have also been a handful of anonymous together with reviewers, writers and donations who have donated their payments back to the Review. These generous donations have allowed us to pay our postage and other associated fees over the course of the year and to also offer our writers a small token payment for their work.