Keep Rochford Street Review Running – Take Out a Supporting Subscription

While we attempt to keep costs as low as possible Rochford Street Review does have a number of ongoing costs which are slowly increasing as we expand. We have also introduced a policy of offering at least a token payment to all contributors and we would desperately like to increase the amount we can pay for each article, review, contribution or art work. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are operating at a loss which can’t continue in the long term.

In order to do this we need to increase the amount of financial support we receive from our readers. We currently receive the occasional donation, which is great, but we have been looking to other models which would provide us with a little more certainity. We have decided, therefore, to expand the current ‘Supporting Subscriber’ model to include a ‘Recurring Subscriber’ model. This will provide our supporters to select a small amount to contribute each month and provide us with a base level of funding each month.

There are a number of different subscriber options to choose from to support the ongoing work of the Review:

btn_subscribeCC_LG$5 Recurring Basic Subscrption.

btn_subscribeCC_LG$10 Recurring Standard Subscription

btn_subscribeCC_LG$15 Recurring Deluxe Subscription

btn_subscribeCC_LG$20 Recurring Luxury Subscription

btn_subscribeCC_LGOne off Donation
You can, of course, continue to make a one off donation.


Subscription Options
Basic Subscription : $5.00 AUD – monthly
Standard Subscription : $10.00 AUD – monthly
Deluxe Subscription : $15.00 AUD – monthly
Luxury Subscription : $20.00 AUD – monthly

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