Featured Writer Maram al-Masri: Biographical Note

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Maram Al Masri. photograph by Philippe Barnoud


Maram al-Masri ( مرام المصري ) was born in Syria and now lives in Paris. She is a writer and translator, and is regarded as one of the major female voices of her generation. She has been awarded numerous prizes, and is the author of five books, the most recent of which is Elle va nue, la liberté (Éditions Bruno Doucey, 2013). In Elle va nue, la liberté, she directly addresses the war in Syria; focussing on the women and children, the suffering of the helpless, and through it all, the deep desire for freedom. She has been awarded the Adonis Prize of the Lebanese Cultural Forum for the best creative work in Arabic in 1998, the Premio Citta di Calopezzati for the section Poesie de la Mediterranee, and the Prix d’Automne 2007 of the Societe des gens de letters.

Featured Writer Maram al-Masri: One Poem in Arabic and English

Maram al-Masri’s blog: http://maramalmassri.blogspot.com.au/

Elle va nue, la liberté is available from Amazon

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