Featured Writer Ingrid Fichtner: Biographical Note

Ingrid Fichtner. photograph by Rahul Soni
Ingrid Fichtner. photograph by Rahul Soni


Ingrid Fichtner was born in Judenburg, Austria and has been living in Switzerland since 1985. Ingrid is an award-winning poet who has written seven books of poetry, two libretti, and works as a freelance translator. She has won awards and scholarships from the City of Zurich and Pro Helvetia through her collections of poetry including, Lichte Landschaft (2012), Luftblaumesser (2004), Das Wahnsinnige am Binden Schuhe (2000), and Farbtreiben (1999). Her most recent book of poems is Von weitem (Wolfbach, Zürich 2014). Translations of her poetry have appeared in journals and anthologies in English, French, Polish, Spanish, and Malayalam. She has a Master of Arts from Vienna University.

website: http://www.ingridfichtner.ch

Featured Writer Ingrid Fichtner: ‘Thinking about Things’ (‘So nachdenken’)

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