The Gardens Of Stone installation – Anne Graham

Anne Graham: Biographical note
The Gardens of Stone, Anne Graham (detail). Photo Silversalt.

The cover image for Issue 31 is a detail from Anne Graham’s installation The Gardens of Stone. This installation was part of MAPBM (Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains) FABRIK exhibition which ran from 21 November 2020 to 28 February 2021 at the Penrith Regional Gallery.

The Gardens of Stone installation grew out of a short residency at The BigCi Gallery in Bilpin, NSW,  that Graham completed in 2014. During this residency Yuri and Rae Bolotin  introduced her to The Gardens of Stone, the ancient “pagoda” landscapes above Lithgow, which are found nowhere else in the world, with their spectacular rock pinnacles, gorges, cliffs, waterfalls, swamps, forests and Aboriginal rock art. Aboriginal people have occupied this unique place for at least 11,000 years and Graham saw the need to draw attention to this threatened wilderness in order to help protect it from mining, off road vehicles and other threats. 

The artwork itself is composed of discarded woollen blankets, steel, wood and dye. The dimensions of the work can vary as the work comprises nine units, each 610 mm x 610 mm x approximately 250 mm high. Depending on the space they may be further apart. the overall area is approximately 2400 mm x 2400 mm. Graham explains “I have used discarded woolen blankets, rubbish I suppose from our affluent society, sourced from local Opportunity Shops, I have hand cut and dyed the blankets, inspired by the contours of the Pagodas of The Gardens of Stone.”

As a premier Australian Heritage Festival Event at Lithgow, Graham’s artwork The Gardens of Stone will be showcased in Gang Gang Gallery’s main space, from 29 April until 20 June 2021,  surrounded by an array of photographs of the birds of that country and water colour works capturing some of the areas extraordinary landscapes. Graham’s artwork will be a focal point for discussion of the Pagoda Journey Forum ( which is an all day event on Saturday 15 May 2021.

Bookings for this day are essential: 

The Gardens of Stone, as installed as part of FABRIK (MAPBM), Penrith Regional Gallery 2020/21. Photo Silversalt.

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