eila vinwynn biographical note

eila vinwynn works as a painter out of her studio at Newcastle Art Space. She has an MFA from Sydney College of the Arts and her most recent show Ugly Feelings was held at The Owens Collective in April 2021.

From the late 1980s until 2000 she lived in the Blue Mountains and her sons were born there. She observes:

My paintings are aesthetic capture-points that move through a process of engagement with me and all my internalised resources, flickering perhaps on a current political moment – that Scomo handshake, or a Charlene von Heyl painting I looked at that week. I want to exhaust the potential of these locations’ nexus as aesthetic possibilities.

eila references a range of influences in her work : from literature – the painting ‘Ugly Feelings’, tag line “prefer not”, is from Herman Melville and ‘Brillig’ borrows it’s name and idea from CS Lewis’ poem The Jabberwocky; from music – ‘Physical Graffiti’ from Led Zeppelin, local graffiti – ‘Felon Love’ was part of a brief tag at Newcastle Beach skate ramp; and from overwhelming – ‘Architecture of Despair’ – or wry ‘Totally Forgettable’ sentiments, and often a gnash up of several. As a poetics, eila hopes to meet her audience via an embodied aesthetic reaction.

Totally Forgettable (2020), oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas.


Brillig (2018),oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas



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