Rochford Street Review – More than just words…..

Up until now Rochford Street Review has concentrated solely on reviewing Australian creative writing. Over the past seven months we have published close to 50 reviews and articles about Australian writing – many of these pieces have reviewed small press publication which would normally not receive critical attention.

While we have every intention of continuing to our concentration on creative Australian writing at all levels (from the smallest small press to larger established publishers), we are also looking to expand our gaze slightly to other areas of cultural endeavours. Rochford Street Review, therefore, will start to feature the occasional review/article on independent Australian films, or on ground breaking /interesting Australian drama and performance or indeed any area of the creative /visual arts we find interesting and/or challenging.

While we are Sydney based we would like to encourage contributions from across the country so if you are interested in contributing please get in contact with us.

We trust you will enjoy our slightly expanded scope. Stay tuned!

Mark Roberts and Linda Adair
Editors Rochford Street Review

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