Welcome Perry Lam – Rochford Street Review Associate Editor

perryRochford Street Review is thrilled to welcome Perry Lam on board as an Associate Editor. Perry graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on Media. A Singaporean but currently based in Sydney; Perry’s passion for the movies led him to be a filmmaker and video content creator after he completed his military service. He is well versed in multiple roles and disciplines of film production. Perry’s work has won video competitions and been part of official selections to film festivals around the world, the documentary short film BLACK RAT which he directed, is on its festival run and has been selected for numerous film festivals both in Sydney and overseas in a wide variety of cities ranging from Singapore to New York. He is currently working on his Masters of Research in Film as well as prepping his next short film production.

Apart from assisting in the editing and general day to day running of the journal, Perry will bring his knowledge of the cinematic arts to Rochford Street Review.

Perry can be contacted on perry.lam29@rochfordstreetreview.com. and when not working on Rochford Street Review, he can be found on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lamperry29/

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