An Achievement of Sorts: Rochford Street Review Passes 100,000 page views

Rochford Street Review
Rochford Street Review

Yesterday, at about 4.30pm, Rochford Street Review passed 100,000 page hits. As a not for profit, free publication, these statistics are one of the main measures of success – so passing this milestone is  significant.

Some other stats that may be of some interest.

  • As of 9.30 today we have had 46,091 visitors generating 100,031 page views
  • We have published 432 posts, over 400 of which have been reviews or articles

During 2015 our top ten traffic generating countries were:

Over recent weeks our new Associate Editors have also stepped up to the mark and we are now basically publishing daily – which is a major achievement for a small independent journal and something we would like to maintain if at all possible.

But to keep going we do need the support of our readers and the wider arts community. Please let us know of book launches and exhibition openings, and film and theatre previews. Consider writing for us, we do, whenever possible, try to pay our writers at least a token fee. We are also more than happy to consider running launch speeches, artist talks and the like. Our contact details are here

Finally we need your financial support. As we receive no government assistance and there is no charge to access the site we rely on the support of our readers to meet costs and to make a small payment to our writers. So please consider making either a one-off donation

Or sign up to a supporting subscription and contribute a little every month

With your help we can make sure we are around for another 100,000 page hits.



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