Reading the River virtual reading April 2020: Chris Mansell

The fifth reader who was supposed to read at the March Reading the River reading at the Cottage Gallery at Brooklyn, 10 Dangar Road, Brooklyn, was Chris Mansell. This was also going to be Chris’ first reading following the launch of her latest book 101 Quads which was scheduled to take place on 27 March. In the end, of course both the launch and the reading were cancelled due to the introduction of the lock-down.  In the absence of the physical reading we are proud to present Chris as our fifth virtual reader.


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“Quads are a new form of poem I originally developed on a Lemair Deluxe 1300 typewriter (taking advantage of the fixed width of characters). The quads in this book are in Prestige Elite which echoes the Lemair. The first quad (afternoon ferry) was composed directly on this typewriter (and is almost indistinguishable from the printed text) but subsequent poems were composed using a grid, pencil, and importantly an eraser, before returning them to their native four square form.” – Chris Mansell

“101 Quads is A lickety split trip through Australian life with slippery language, puns, sleight of lip and playful sharp-eyed observation. From the sudden sharks waiting under the water in Sydney Harbour to rainbow lorikeets, and too too sleekly cheeky bower birds conducting affairs in the back yard, to how the boomers will misbehave in the nursing homes of the future, the language pops from the page. The poems look sharp, and sing”.

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