Ideas for Novels 2 – Anna Couani

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Ideas for Novels 4……….Background to Ideas for Novels 


For Vicki Viidikas, David Curtis and Kerry Leves

larger-than-life but skin-deep charisma
as seen in hindsight now
as he came out to greet us
those three people all dead now
my passenger, my hosts
at a young age

arms spread wide
he walked towards the car
like a scripted performance

and the view into the valley
from the back verandah
reading Bukowski as performance

Bukowski – feminism
how to reconcile them

smoke in our hands
and from the chimney
incense, wood, all that

they had a temporary escape
from the overdoses that killed them

and from alcohol

there near Dr George Mountain
behind the lagoon
the burnt fire palms
with exploded blackened cones
flashing orange on the white sand

I remembered it as Black Mountain
maybe because of the American poets
still can see her gesticulating
“Robert fucking Duncan!”

I looked on the map later
but couldn’t find the place

remembered the beach
the emptiness and their happiness
to reimagine
another life
useful for my novel .


‘Ideas for Novels 2’ first appeared in The Wonder Book of Poetry on 29th September 2013

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