Ideas for Novels 3 – Anna Couani

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Ideas for Novels 4……….Background to Ideas for Novels 



that sensation you get staring into an avenue
of trees the myriad leaves each one different
but countless and not exactly registering
like Proustian description where every
part of the scene is noted and evaluated
but impossible
the mischievous little breeze the tiny petals
the movement of the leaves
that ecstasy of leaf
the greenness
seeming essential to life

and it’s the memory of leaves
as well
especially the sunlight

the green guitar appeared
with a little self-sown tree
growing around it
the hollow body
headless guitar
in the sunlight
at least in my photo of it
placed inside the
cutout body in the door
placed on the verandah
of the derelict house
against the wall
that was all that remained
once demolition started

but funny, that
hollow body inside
hollow body
empty plus empty
equals empty

Figure through the door by Hilik Mirankar media: wooden hollow core door. Hollow body guitar added later by Anonymous


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