Ideas for Novels 5 – Anna Couani

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autumn and winter shadows
long ones
emphasise the horizontal
although they often look diagonal
create rhomboid shapes across open spaces

tall trees create space
traditionally cathedral-like
or is it that cathedrals are tree-like
gothic, with
branches that arch across

did we tread so lightly
that we were invisible

and in the late afternoon
when the city noises
quieten down
sounds describe
the space
children’s voices

a few hundred square metres

so much begun
so little finished

set in a provincial town
to be described

by wide streets

pedestrian events
literally at street
even big events

reduced, distanced
by the all-seeing writer
male persona
who rips the heart out
of the story

-Anna Couani

Illustraion from Italy by Anna Couani
illustration from Italy by Anna Couani. Rigmarole of the Hours 1977.


Anna Couani was the feature writer for Issue 14. This is the final post in a series of five poems – Ideas for Novels.




  1. Thanks Mark,

    It’s been really good being the featured writer, I’m grateful. I like the idea of having 5 poems there, a nice number.

    Cheers, Anna


  2. A discussion with Anna very recently on why I cannot write poetry but admire those who have that spirit – she has directed me here and to her poetic responses to old photographs then to memories which might lead into novels – and I am submerged into and by my own past – but the visions from the past don’t turn into poetry – merely act as a kind of memoir re-telling with a foot back then stepping towards me and the here-and-now – offering ways of reading those times (not always kind or dreamy) in order to make sense of the present. For which I am grateful, nonetheless, to the poet – for opening that portal! What a fine journal! Congratulations editor and team!

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